An overview of our training program. What will you learn; how will you learn.

Training sessions in Classical and Contemporary Kathak are held by Gurukul under the direction of Guru Pali Chandra at Karama and JLT. The teaching is based on ISTD, UK syllabus and regular assessments are carried out to further channelize and enhance the learning process.

Currently the training program consists of 11 levels, starting from Primary ot Foundation course, going all the way to Grade 6 which gives students the ability to conduct a program by themselves during their Rangmanch Pravesh. Once done they can choose to take up 4 years of Vocational Training courses. From Vocational Foundation to Advance Level 2. 

Gurukul Dubai offers dance programmes from a wider perspective. Personalised dance training according to the needs of the student.

Dance can be used to:

  • Improve your body language
  • De-stress yourself
  • Develop flexibility through Vedic Yogic Postures
  • Learn good alignment of your bodies; learn the correct posture
  • Learn safe dancing techniques
  • Understand the proper execution of Laya and Taal (Rhythm)
  • Understanding of the relevant music and literature
  • Perform on stage in front of audiences
  • Create a niche for yourself in world of performing arts as a choreographer, dance entrepreneur, stage craft manager and a whole lot of other career and options
  • Confidence building and self expression

Admission to Programs: There is no restriction on age. Our training courses are skill specific and not age specific. People of any age can join these programmes. Similarly, we don’t put conditions like prior knowledge of dance. Beginners as well as experienced can join these programmes. However we do find that for classical art forms such as kathak and bharatnatyam the age of 5 years is a good starting point.

Learning and Evaluation: Gurukul Dubai follows a rigorous international syllabus for its dance training programmes based on the guidelines provided by ISTD, UK. Standard learning and evaluation techniques are employed. Performances are part of learning programmes: An annual event – Dancing Divas is a tradition of Gurukul which has been followed since 2009.

Course Outline: Gurukul Dubai has developed a systematic and well structural dance training programme under the guidance of Pali Chandra, renowned Kathak dance and artistic director of Gurukul Dubai. A general outline of the dance training programme or course designed and structured by Pali Chandra with her learning and training experience of more than three decades and international exposure of 20 years.

  • Warm Up Exercise
  • Recitation
  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Use of Space
  • Laya & Taal – Recitation and Demonstration
  • Innovation
  • Abhinaya – Facial Expressions or Nritya Hastas
  • Technique (Nritta)
  • Theory – To prepare candidates to communicate their understandings
  • Cool Down Exercises

For current schedules and fee structure please click on the attached term documents or call Janice on 04-3706636 or 055-3105425. To book an appoinment to meet any memeber of the team or for an assessment or customised learning needs, please call Janice as well or send us an email on