Payel Das - Senior Dance Instructor

A skilled professional of the classical Indian dance form, Kathak, she was brought up in a liberal environment where her parents, especially her mother, encouraged her to live her dreams and choose a path that fits well with her innermost aspiration and aptitude. Greatly indebted to her former Guru, Ms. Saswati Mukherjee, a disciple of renowned Kathak exponent – Pt. Asim Bandhu Bhattacharya, who initiated her into this field, Payel subsequently pursued a Diploma from Bhatkhande Music Institute under the guidance of Dr. Ruchi Khare Verma. She then continued her higher studies in Kathak and acquired her graduation and post-graduation degrees from the Faculty of Performing Arts, Banaras Hindu University, under the able guidance of Dr. Ranjana Shrivastava and Dr. Vidhi Nagar, who helped her explore this art form further. Having performed extensively under the guidance of Dr Vidhi Nagar, Payel is a complete performer, educationist and an amazingly beautiful person.